Since it’s foundation in 1984, MWA has participated in many events and planned many activities that are consistent with its mission. In the past MWA has spearheaded many projects in conjunction with various corporations and organizations. We have conducted a book drive to send books to Malawi, a Flood Relief project during the floods in 2001, a $10,000 Hunger Relief project during the severe droughts in 2002, and has assisted AIDS/HIV Orphans through financial assistance. To assist local hospitals in Malawi, MWA has helped raise money to purchase durable medical equipment for public hospitals. Today, MWA continues to undertake humanitarian projects related to Malawi. MWA has been able to conduct a number of sucessful projects both on its own and with the help of other organisations both in Malawi and the Unites States. MWA spends a great deal of time in selecting organisations that have the highest business ethics.Charity/Non-Profit Assistance

In accordance with its goals to assist both Malawians and non Malawians, MWA supports various organizations in its host countries that assists the local Metro area communities. MWA annually participates in local events such as the Komen National Race for Cure and the AIDS Marathons. MWA also supports the causes of other African and American non-profit organizations in DC which are charitable and that assist Malawians or Africans. In the past MWA has donated money to the Lions Club in Malawi for relief aid, as well as the Red Cross.

Social and Community Building Events

In accordance with its social goals, throughout the years, MWA has been fostering community and fellowship between its members and between members and their surrounding community through various social activities and events. MWA helps recent immigrants gain a sense of community in their 'home away from home', and helps preserve Malawian culture in the Malawian communities abroad. It organizes many social events such as barbeques (braais), parties, fund raisers, family picnics, trips, fashion shows, discussions and various other social events. In the past MWA has planned trips to neighboring states and various other states that have substantial Malawian communities. Locally, MWA plans trips to local museums, amusement parks, etc. to allow its members to participate and experience American culture. MWA also works with the embassy of the Republic of Malawi to organize events for the Malawian community.


MWA continuously fund raises in order to meet its objectives and goals. Throughout the year, MWA hosts a number of events. The proceeds go directly to MWA, the organization MWA is fundraising for, or the project that MWA is spearheading. MWA’s main fundraising event is the annual Extravaganza Weekend. This is a weekend of Malawian culture, community and fellowship. MWA hosts three days of events during the 6th of July independence weekend suitable for all. Specific events vary each year, with the main annual event being a dinner/dance to raise funds for MWA. In addition to its own fundraising MWA relies on the support and donations of interested parties and organizations that share MWA’s vision. Many of our members and friends make independent contributions to MWA though out the year. MWA also accepts donations in exchange for gifts.